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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eight years after his personal cell phone number went
public, Dr. Gabbaypour and his wife are pleased with his
decision. “Whether we’re having dinner in a restaurant or
he is in the office seeing a patient, he always makes time to
return the call,” she says. “People have been very respectful.
They appreciate knowing they can get in touch with him.
He has a special way of calming people and putting them
at ease.”
An oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Beverly Hills Oral
Surgery on Roxbury Drive, “Dr. G,” as his patients and
colleagues call him, offers solutions for most complex
problems relating to the face, facial skeleton, and oral cavity.
He performs complex reconstructive surgery of the facial
skeleton, corrective jaw surgery, implant tooth replacement
and removal of wisdom teeth. He also uses the latest cutting
edge technology to treat snoring and sleep apnea.
Dr. Gabbaypour’s training as a medical doctor and
dentist enhances his skills to treat the most difficult
oral surgery cases.
Dr. Gabbaypour holds special interest in treating
congenital and acquired craniofacial deformities in
children, craniofacial trauma, as well as treatment of
temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). He provides
these services safely and comfortably, using the latest in
loc al and intravenous anesthesia.

Dr. Gabbaypour was born and raised in Iran, but decided
as a teenager to risk his life to flee to the United States
during the height of the Iran-Iraq War. Smuggled out of the
country, the 16-year-old spent a year in Austria and Pakistan
while awaiting approval for political asylum in the U.S.
“When I think about it now, it is very scary to travel on
your own without family, and to have no idea what is next,”
he says. “At that age, you just don’t realize what lies ahead.
I was fortunate that I wasn’t fully aware of the danger, but
also that I understood the opportunities. I’m proud that I
have been able to take full advantage of the opportunities
this country has offered me.”
In 1992, soon after moving to Southern California, Dr.
Gabbaypour began undergraduate studies on scholarships
at the University of California. He had known since
childhood that he wanted to pursue a career in dentistry
or medicine, patterning himself after uncles who
remained in his homeland. He chose dentistry because
he was good with his hands (in fact, although he has
little free time now to pursue his hobby, Dr. Gabbaypour
is an accomplished woodworker).
“I did different rotations in dental school and discovered
that the surgical aspect of dentistry was what I loved,” he
says. After graduating with high honors from the UCLA
School of Dentistry in 1996, Dr. Gabbaypour studied until
2000 to obtain his Doctor of Medicine at UCLA’s School
of Medicine. This was followed by a one-year internship in
general surgery, and then another year was spent as chief
resident at three hospitals to earn his specialty certificate in
oral and maxillofacial surgery in 2002.
“UCLA is a tertiary care center and all of the big cases
that couldn’t be dealt with elsewhere came to us, based
on our affiliations with county hospitals and local trauma
centers, ” he says. “This gave me first-hand experience in
treating a wide range of conditions, as opposed to having to
learn it during a weekend conference and returning to the
office to try something new.”